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Are you facing difficulties when making a ledger for your business or company? If so, then consider use of below provided ledger template to lessen your problems and worries to make faultless ledger in a while. A principle record of all financial transactions of the business or an organization is recognized as a ledger. This comprehensive record of financial transactions usually used to sort and construct balance sheet, income statement and other major financial statements for the company at the end of an accounting year. A ledger is also known as a master set of accounts that summarize all transactions occurred in a business establishment or company. A ledger can be produced automatically by means of different accounting software or by manually compiling financial transaction using a ledger book. Most of small businesses and companies prepare their ledgers manually because they cannot afford costly software to do so.

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Method of making ledgers can be different in various business organizations and companies based on their policies. In a manual accounting system of the company, a ledger is usually consists of a loose leaf binder with a separate page for each ledger account that an accountant can easily use to make ledger preventing errors and mistakes. On another hand, majority of businesses at large scale are using computer programs and various software to create ledger automatically for the company. Whether you are making ledger manually or automatically, purpose behind making of the ledger will be same. Ledger should be prepared accurately using exact figures and you can also use following ledger template to make an error free ledger for the business.

Ledgers are usually prepared by the general accountant of the company that facilitates the transfer of all journal entries in a sequential sequence to individual accounts that can be used in future for making of major financial statements. Unlike other financial statements of the business or company, the ledger is where all accounting activities are posted with debits and credits details that an accountant easily understand and use to make other statements to reveals the financial health of an organization. When it comes to construct a ledger, it may be a difficult job to do without using a professional format. Here on this page, we have added a free ledger template that every business organization or company can use to make ledger in a user friendly environment. Microsoft excel is recommended computer program to customize the template as needed.

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