Project log template

We are presenting a free and ready to use project log template. It is free to download and can be used to track progress and various issues of a running project in an organized manner. Top management or other authorities can understand all details and information about the project at a glance using project log. Project log reveal information about what you are doing, where you are now and what is expected in future etc. You can get assistance from our project log template to develop a personalized project log for the project you are dealing with. It allows you to add or remove details in the log easily as fit to your needs.

Project log is prepared by the project manager to perform their project related tasks efficiently. This project log contain important information about this project activities, tasks, working staff, date of starting this project and the specific time period to complete this project include in this document. It is a very important document and every business companies used this for the improvement of the business. Project name, working schedule, list of tasks and activities will be mentioned in this project log. Mostly this document is prepared by the construction manager to provide the information about this work. Now we offer you our well designed project log template. This template is designed by use especially for you. Keeping in mind your need we prepared this project log template. You can see the beautiful picture of our selected project log template. This template is prepared according to the people needs. This project log is prepared in Microsoft word so you easily change any thing in this template as per your requirement. For your comfort, we provide you a download button for downloading this project log template so you download this template after one clicking on this button free from our website.


Here is a preview of this project log template.


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