Consignment Contract Template

Try to use this consignment contract template available here without any charges to download. Consignment contract is a legal document prepared between a manufacturer of goods and a retail person in which a retail person agree to store goods manufactured by the other party for sales purpose. Involved parties in the contract normally known as consignor and consignee where manufacturer is consignor and consignee is a retailer or other party who be in agreement to store, transfer or deliver goods for sale or resale purpose. Consignment contract is a legal and professional document to demonstrate the business relationship between consigner and consignee in detailed manner. For example a common type of consignment contract is a contract between clothing store owner and a textile mill according to the terms and conditions of that the clothing store owner sells and used clothing on behalf of the previous owner (textile mill owner). In this business procedure owner of goods or products transfer the selling rights to another party but remain original owner. This Consignment Contract Template is available below for download.

In other word we can say that according to the terms and conditions of a consignment contract the consignee acts as agent for the consignor (original owner of goods) for the purpose of selling those goods to third party or end customer. If you are also going to start a business like this, you should prepare a good consignment contract with all accurate details and information. It is not difficult to write a consignment contract but may be little bit challenging for first time. Therefore we are presenting here an elegant consignment contract template for our user to provide them sufficient assistance and guidelines about how to start and finish a consignment contract efficiently. Consignment contract is something that allows you to prepare an effective consignment contract in a friendly environment. So download the consignment contract template here and adjust as you want.

Download Consignment Contract Template:


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