Service Invoice Template

Service invoice template is a basic document for companies and individuals who provide different kinds of services to their customers and clients. As an employee of service Provider Company you may be asked by your customers to provide them a document containing details and information about services provided which is generally recognized as service invoice. Service invoice can also be described as a fundamental business document providing basic amount of details about a transaction in which a customer or client receives services of the company for personal or business benefits. A service invoice may be prepared by a consultant, freelancer individual, repairing staff and by other professionals etc. it may include name of the customer, contact details, description of service to be provided, cost of service, payment terms and other conditions about the transaction. In order words we can say that a service invoice is a written proof of services has been provided to the customer.

Format and elements of service invoices can be different according to the company’s rules or nature of service involved in transaction. Service invoices are considered as important business documents useful for both service provider and customer. As a businessman, chances are you will need to prepare a service invoice for your customers to document a transaction in written. Majority of professionals and companies are using different accounting software and computer programs in these days to create service invoices for their customer which is best way to create accurate service invoices in less amount of time. Microsoft excel is a famous and powerful computer program that allow you to produce service invoices effectively in friendly environment. Hence a lot of service invoice templates are also obtainable on web to get assistance from them in this regard. If you are also looking for a productive service invoice template, this is where you can get it for free easily.

Download Service Invoice Template:

service invoice template