Service Contract Template

Draft a well organized service contract with the help of service contract template accessible here on this page. A legal agreement between two parties where one provides services or efforts to another instead of products in return of something of value or money is recognized as service contract. Involved parties in the contract can be an individual, service Provider Company or business and a client who want to avail the services. A well written service contract allows both parties to understand all agreed terms and conditions clearly mentioned in the contract. If you are looking to gain some sort of services for personal or business use, finalize a deal or transaction by making a service contract because it will protect your rights and duties and enforceable by law in case of any dispute. Don’t forget that you are making one for your own protection and remember to include each and every single detail to avoid future disputes and problems. This Service Contract Template will be helpful for you.

A service contract usually consist of name and contact details of both parties, type of services that need to be provided, agreed amount as cost of services, payment method and other terms and conditions related to the transaction etc. Several professionals and legal representatives provide their services to create service contracts in legal and professional format. It is a good idea to review the service contract carefully before signing and to ask for legal assistance if required to make alteration. One can write a service contract in any word processing software but use of a service contract template guides about how to complete it effectively. Internet is a best ever place to find out a proper service contract template for this reason. Service contract template is just like a road map that leads you towards a winning service contract in short span of time.

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