Rental Invoice Template

Are you looking for a rental invoice template? A best one is added here for you so download it free of cost. As a new landlord or real estate agent it may be little bit challenging for you to create a rental invoice for your tenant but you should not worry about it because you can prepare a perfect rental invoice with the help of rental invoice template. Rental invoice is a particular type of commercial documents normally prepared by a landlord, property owner or real estate agent to record payment of rent for rented property. Making of rental invoices is a super fine way to keep track of rental payments made by tenants. As a property owner or landlord, you can use a rental invoice for any kind of property or asset which is in use of a tenant. One can prepare a rental invoice to record rent of a house, apartment, room, shop, building, vehicle, machine or any other equipment.

A rental invoice is a written evidence of payment made by a tenant or occupant and it may include name of the tenant, type of property for which rent is paid, rental amount, date, payment mode, name and signature of landlord etc. Rental invoices can be prepared for different lengths of period as per mentioned terms in rental agreement. A tenant must receive rental invoice from landlord or real estate agent at the time of rental payment. It protects rights of both parties and save them from future quarrels and misunderstandings. Making of a rental invoice is not complex nowadays because Microsoft excel (a well known computer program) allow you to prepare a rental invoice easily by using its great features. You can also use or edit a rental invoice template in similar software to give professional appearance to your rental invoice.

Download Free Rental Invoice Template:

rental invoice template