Material List Template

A material list template with a graceful appearance is added here you and you can download it to your computer for free. Whether you are going to lead a science project or construction work, it is very important for you to have an idea about what type of materials and equipment you will need to complete your project or task. Lots of construction companies and individual contractors use assortment of different elements known as material to accomplish their works efficiently and it is a best approach to have complete details about required materials and it is only possible with a material list. Material list is a handful document and it enables you to make sure that you have everything on hand which is needed to complete your job or project slickly. Material list template will provide you enough instructions and guidance to generate an appropriate material list.

Many individuals, companies and contractors prepare materials list in advance to represent good planning for particular project or task to give their customers an idea about materials to be used in a project or particular job. Through this way a customer can decide that either a project is going to be completed in available budget or not. Always make your materials list as specific as possible and be sure you can get everything you need before you start your project or task. A well prepared material list eliminates the chances of forgetting any significant material while carrying out a work. An attentively designed material list may consist of complete details about material required for a project or job like type of material, available quantity, required quantity and price details etc. You should use a material list template if you are confused about where to start making of a material list. Get a material list template from here and adjust easily as required.



Sales Revenue Report template  

A free and easy to edit sales revenue report template is added here to download without any extra requirements. Sales revenue report is one of the basic financial statements of the company or business setting. It is normally used to indicate that how much amount of revenue is generated by sales or purchase of goods or services in a particular period of time. A lot of companies use sales revenue reports to have an idea about individual sales person’s performance. When you asked by your employer or company to provide complete details and information about your sales and revenue generated with them, sales revenue report is something that enables you to do this in an organized manner. Sales revenue report tells management or business where they need improvement in sales procedures or strategy to increase level of sales to generate more income.

Sales revenue report is not only best to get an overview of revenues generated by sales but also demonstrates that how much quantity of goods or products available in stores or warehouse. Such reports normally prepared on weekly, monthly or annual basis to review the sum of revenue earned via sales of products. It also helps companies to have an idea about increase or decrease in sales volume during a particular time period.  Sales revenue reports also used to manage smooth cash flow of the business. Writing of revenue reports can be a complex task for an unfamiliar because knowledge of accurate figures and details is must to write faultless sales revenue report. In this era of advanced technology there are countless ways and tricks available to compose true sales revenue reports and sales revenue report template is best one to do so. Sales revenue report template is a versatile and ready to use document produced by experts to give information about how one can accomplish a sales revenue report in a controlled manner.

Download Sales Revenue Report template:



Employee Certificate Template

You can obtain a handful employee certificate template here without paying any single penny. Employee certificate just look like a simple piece of paper at a first glance but it is a most important document for an employee to reveal his position or job in a particular workplace or company where he is working. It is a professional document prepared and issued by an employer, company or any other business organization to demonstrate that the certain individual is providing his services for the company as an employee and performing his job very well according to all standards and conditions. It is best to provide necessary details and information about an employee as well as about his position or responsibilities within the business setting or company. Employees can use this document as a proof of the job. Sometimes banks and other financial institutions ask employees to bring employee certificate with them in order to have a loan to fulfill financial needs. You will like this Employee Certificate Template.

Wording and appearance of an employee certificate normally depends on its nature and objective because companies and businesses can prepare these documents for variety of reasons. Variety of useful information like name of the employee, position or status in the company or business, job responsibilities & duties, company name and other details will be there in an employee certificate in order to give it a finishing look. Lots of employers, companies and organizations use diversity of methods to prepare employee certificates and use of employee certificate is ideal one. Internet is full with templates and samples that help a lot to produce such documents with no problems and confusions so get a fit employee certificate template as per your needs and start editing to make it perfect for your business or company. Try to use our below mentioned employee certificate template to do so.

Download Employee Certificate Template:



Consulting Agreement template

You can download a free consulting agreement template here. Everyone knows that consultants are professional experts and get paid by their clients in return of their valuable suggestions and recommendations to resolve various business and personal issues. Consultants provide constructive suggestions and ideas to individuals, companies and businesses to set right facing issues and troubles in every field of life. They normally prepare a legal document with customer to demonstrate terms and conditions of the agreement which is familiar as consulting contract. In other words, a consulting agreement can also be described as a legal document that states different provisions of a relationship between a consultant and client. Consulting agreements are different in form and they can be prepared with the length of one page to ten or more pages depending on the subject matter mentioned in the agreement. Not only in business field but you can get services of consultants to get solutions for your personal or domestic problems. Get this Consulting Agreement template below.

A consulting agreement clearly defines the rights and duties of both parties to protect them legally. Elements and parts of a consulting agreement can be name & details about parties, nature of services that a consultant will provide to the customer, specified amount of money as fee or compensation, duration of the consultancy, payment terms, penalties and provisions in case of disagreement and other conditions etc. As a consulting agreement writer, remember to add on conditions by following which the client or consultant can dissolve the agreement in future when needed. Spell out all terms and conditions of the agreement with details in a consulting agreement and if you need some help to produce a faultless consulting agreement, consulting agreement template could be a best option for you. Just download a suitable consulting agreement template from internet and customize it to add new details easily.

 Download Consulting Agreement template:



Business Contract Template

Download an editable business contract template available on this page below the post for you to get enough assistance while making a business contract. A business contract can be defined as a legal agreement between you and another party to start a new business setting or to firm up a business deal.  It is modern age and there is no importance and value of verbal communication therefore it is important to write down any single business deal or transaction in shape of business contracts to save as record that can be presented to resolve any argument or quarrel between parties. Business contract basically provides details about a business transaction like a legal offer, acceptance of the offer by another party, promise to perform something or variety of acts, consideration and other terms & conditions etc. a business contract is an essential document that serves as a guide and standards that all parties to the agreement must follow to carry on business procedures and functions smoothly with no troubles. You can download this Business Contract Template below post.

If you are writing a business contract you need to describe obligations and duties of all parties including the service they must perform to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities under the contract and be as detailed and easily understandable as possible to make each and everything clear. If you are doing this for first time it could be challenging for you to write it easily but you have no need to worry about that because several useful tools available on internet that you can make use of them to reduce your efforts and troubles. Business contract template is specially generated by experts to do this with best. You simply need a versatile business contract template downloaded in your computer to produce an efficient business contract in a friendly environment with no worries.

Download Business Contract Template:


Pantry List Template

You can find a beautifully designed pantry list template here on this page. A little place of a home or restaurant where foods and other relevant items are stored is generally recognized as pantry. It can be a small room or cupboard near or within the kitchen. Pantry is a particular place to store foodstuff, cooking utensils, kitchen appliances, tableware and other similar items safely. It is an important part of a home or restaurant and should be managed carefully to make a cook feeling comfort while cooking food. Pantries normally designed with shelves of different sizes and open spaces to store large amount of foodstuff and other similar supplies. Keeping track of all items available in pantry could be little bit difficult but it is possible with a handful tool named pantry list. You can generate a pantry list easily with assistance of a pantry list template to manage pantry section of your home or restaurant.

A well managed pantry not only helps you to keep record of all pantry items but also assist you to cook and serve your meals with ease.  Large number of people use pantry list to shop for needed food items and kitchen appliances for empty shelves for their pantry. In simple words, a maintained pantry list will allow you to have a well stocked pantry full of nutritious and satisfying foods to enjoy healthy meals. You can categorize all pantry supplies with the help of a pantry list to get them easily when needed. Some people think that making of a pantry list is not easy but I am sure it will consume your few minutes if you will make it with a pantry list template.  Just download a suitable pantry list template from internet and open in relevant software or computer program to modify as desired.




Audit Report template

You can download free audit report template here to compose an error free audit report. Audit report can be defined as a document prepared by accountants or auditors to weigh up the validity and reliability of financial reports of a company or business for variety of reasons. Major purpose of audit reports is to make sure that all financial statements and accounts of the company are prepared accurately without any material error. Another purpose behind preparation of audit reports is to form a view on whether all information and details presented in the financial report taken as a whole, reflects the financial position of the organization at a given date or not. Audit reports generally prepared in various business settings and organizations on annual basis after completion of an accounting period. Audit reports sometimes known as auditor’s reports and prepared by internal auditors or independent external auditors specially appointed by the government and other departments to conduct audit of companies. This Audit Report template is very good template.

Audit reports are documents issued after completion of a testing procedure of company’s financial transactions and many other internal controls. It is a vital business document in which an auditor should give a true picture of the company and financial statements as well as recommendations about how to make statements better in future. Audit reports can be used for diversity of purposes. For example, governmental authorities use audit reports of a company for tax assessment. Audit report is a tool to know that either a company is generating profit or not so it should be prepare carefully with all amount of details and information. A perfect audit report template can make it very easy and simple for you to write an audit report in point of facts. So get a suitable audit report template from internet or download from here for free of cost.

Download Audit Report template:



Return Receipt Template

Return receipt template is also added in our collection of receipt templates for your facilitation. If you bought some products from a shopping center or retail store and then just change your mind about them, it is not your legal right to return them back to the seller hence if purchased items turns out to be damaged, broken or faulty in some ways, there may be an option to return the goods in order to get your money back. Most of stores and shopping centers facilitate customers with their returning policies to do so. They allow you to return purchased items or goods by following their rules or policies. Whether returning of goods is due to unwanted results or due to low quality, don’t forget to have a return receipt from the seller. A thorough return receipt can be prepared with assistance of return receipt template.

As per rules of many businesses and companies a customer have to come with a purchase proof to return goods back to the store or shop. Information and details mentioned in a return receipt could be name of seller, date of purchase, purchase receipt number, description of goods, monetary value of goods, reason of goods return, date of return and other returning conditions etc. A return should be prepared attentively with all details to accomplish returning procedure effectively. A well prepared return receipt keeps both parties away from future quarrels and misunderstandings. Return receipt is an excellent document prepared by professionals which is really helpful to produce return receipts in few minutes without wastage of time. An elegant return receipt template is available here on this page. It is easily editable in Microsoft word program. A user can modify this return receipt template after successful downloading to the computer.

return receipt template


Service Level Agreement template

Do you want to have a service level agreement template? Get best one from here it is completely free to download. Service level agreement is a legal agreement entered into between a service provider company and an end user. This document normally used to state the level of service expected from the service provider along with other useful details regarding the agreement. Service level agreement is an important business document that is used by individuals, companies and other companies who provide variety of different services to their customer to outline the level of a service that exists between a service provider or company and their customer. It is a professional and legal way to let a customer know that what kind of services the service provider will furnish for him in return what amount of money. These can be prepared for internal or external customers of a company with service measurement terms that a consumer can utilize to check the level of services provided by company. You will like Service Level Agreement template.

Major purpose of this agreement is to ensure that all proper elements and commitments are documented in place to provide reliable services as per mentioned in the agreement. A well written service level agreement may contain a specified level of service or services, support options from the company, enforcement or penalty provisions if services not provided by the company according to the terms and conditions of agreement, service charges and duration of services etc. The level of service or services mentioned in the agreement should be specific and measureable in each area to enable a consumer to measure the level of services. Service level agreement is sometimes a vital part of service agreement. If there is need to prepare a service level agreement, a polished and elegantly designed service level agreement template can work really well to do so.

 Download Service Level Agreement template:



Supplier List Template

Have a look on supplier list template; we hope you will find it really helpful. If you are running a business to produce finished goods and products for end users, your business or company will definitely need to purchase variety of different raw materials and other basic elements from other individuals, companies and businesses and they are known as suppliers. All companies, individuals and parties are suppliers for your business that supply goods and provide you various services as well that is why having of a supplier list is always handy for a company to keep in touch with suppliers in order to make purchases on time of needs. A supplier list is an integral document for any kind of business or company to keep complete information about all suppliers of the company as well as to provide statistics on purchases from suppliers to senior managers and supervisors. A lot of companies and business organizations have trouble with keeping track of comprehensive supplier information but it is seems fairly easy with the help of a supplier list template.

A well made supplier list facilitate the purchasers of company to communicate with suppliers easily. A supplier list indicates useful details about suppliers like name of supplier, type of goods or service he is providing, address, mobile number, email ID and other contact details if any. In fact a well prepared supplier list with sufficient contact details allow you to stay connected with all your suppliers without facing troubles. Building of an effective supplier list involves several aspects, that is why it may be a difficult task for a new person. It is very easy to make supplier list when you have a good road map with enough instructions and a supplier list template provides you all these things at a sample place. Here we offer you to download a free supplier list template and it is customizable so you can fit it to your own business needs.




Service Contract Template

Draft a well organized service contract with the help of service contract template accessible here on this page. A legal agreement between two parties where one provides services or efforts to another instead of products in return of something of value or money is recognized as service contract. Involved parties in the contract can be an individual, service Provider Company or business and a client who want to avail the services. A well written service contract allows both parties to understand all agreed terms and conditions clearly mentioned in the contract. If you are looking to gain some sort of services for personal or business use, finalize a deal or transaction by making a service contract because it will protect your rights and duties and enforceable by law in case of any dispute. Don’t forget that you are making one for your own protection and remember to include each and every single detail to avoid future disputes and problems. This Service Contract Template will be helpful for you.

A service contract usually consist of name and contact details of both parties, type of services that need to be provided, agreed amount as cost of services, payment method and other terms and conditions related to the transaction etc. Several professionals and legal representatives provide their services to create service contracts in legal and professional format. It is a good idea to review the service contract carefully before signing and to ask for legal assistance if required to make alteration. One can write a service contract in any word processing software but use of a service contract template guides about how to complete it effectively. Internet is a best ever place to find out a proper service contract template for this reason. Service contract template is just like a road map that leads you towards a winning service contract in short span of time.

Download Service Contract Template:


Lab Report template

Get help from this lab report template in order to write a good lab report. Lab reports are document prepared by students, lab technicians and other experts to communicate work done in a lab to management or other concerned peoples. Major purpose of lab reports is to explain and analyze a laboratory experiment that explores a particular scientific concept to get desired results. Lab reports are sometime known as integral element of numerous scientific studies and courses as well as they can play a vital role to get good grades. Writing of lab reports means accomplishing lots of things in a single written report. Simply writing of a lab report is how you explain what you did in an experiment, what you learned and what was the results in detailed manner. A lab report must be clear, concise and for a particular audience because most of organizations and companies depend on lab reports to make decisions. This Lab Report template is available here.

A well written lab report may include title of the report, materials used in the lab and procedures to complete an experiment or other relevant things. You can insert flow charts and diagrams in a lab report to make your report easily understandable. Writing a lab report is a part of technical writing and one should pay full attention to write a perfect one. Large number of websites and blogs offer handy tools like lab report templates and samples to compose lab reports easily. A well prepared lab report template is also available here on this web page that you can download to your computer for free. Microsoft word is an ideal computer program to customize this lab report template as per requirements. Purpose of lab report template is to provide enough assistance and guidance to users who want to write lab reports with no troubles.

Download Lab Report template:



Tax receipt Template

Download a tax receipt template from here to design your own tax receipts with professional appearance and accurate details. There are countless business documents that plays vital role in every business setting to run and manage a variety of business affairs and tax receipt is a famous one. It is duty of each and every individual to pay taxes on different sales transaction and properties as per laws of the government. We are all daily pay taxes as individuals, professionals, businessmen and property owners to government authorities as our national duty.  Taxes are different in types like income tax, property tax and general sales tax etc. Tax receipt is an acknowledgment of tax paid with other relevant information.  The tax receipt is a most important document that generally provides complete details of how amount of your tax has contributed towards government spending. Tax receipt template will guide you about how to prepare a tax receipt precisely.

Tax receipt is a must document to have an idea about details of how much money we have paid as tax during different sales and purchase transactions. Through this way a user can claim tax receipts for refunding purpose to get tax rebate from concerned department. No one can deny significant of tax receipts because these are most important document to prepare accurate tax return documents. These should be drafted carefully with accurate facts and figures. Tax receipts normally prepared with the help of automatic computer programs and software to avoid mistakes and errors hence lots of peoples are still making them manually. If there is no budget to buy a costly software to prepare tax receipts, you can download and use a tax receipt template to so this. Tax receipt template is a ready to use document that permit a user to personalize it fit to needs and desires.

 tax receipt template


Prayer List Template

Use this prayer list template to produce a prayer list for any particular event or occasion. Prayer can be described as a natural expression of someone’s relationship with God and we all depend on God for everything that we want to have in our lives even life itself. Prayer is an only way to communicate with God and we pray to God and share our worries to get them disappeared with the help and Grace of God. For example we use lots of devices like cellular phones to stay connected with each other; similarly prayer is an only way that allows us to communicate with God in our good or bad times. Prayer is a common thing in all religions and people arrange various activities and events to offer special prayers and use prayer list to keep record of all prayers they want to offer. You can also design your own prayer list with a well designed prayer list template.

Methods and procedures to offer prayers might be different in several religions but purpose of prayer is always same and that is asking for blessings and help of God. Most of people use prayer lists on some special religious events like Easter and Christmas in Christianity. Prayer list is a document in which prayers and wishes are combined to offer in special times as well as on special events to get kindness and mercy of God. If you don’t want to forget any single prayer, it is good for you to prepare a prayer list which is not a difficult task even you can create it at home by using a prayer list template. You are suggested to use this following prayer list template which is prepared by our professionals. It enables a user to create a prayer list in user friendly environment.




Payment Receipt Template

An elegantly designed payment receipt template is added here for you on this page that you can download free of any charges. Receipt is identified as a written proof of a transaction in which something of value like money has been transferred from one party to another and in the same sense payment receipt is a document to verify that payments are received by customer in exchange of products or services. Payment receipts are document prepared by sellers, vendors or any other employers to document a sales transaction as a written proof f payments made. Auditors and other authorities also use payment receipts to verify that either accurate amount was charged to the customer for goods or not. In many business settings and companies payment receipts works as basic documents to manage cash accounts for a smooth cash flow. If you want to prepare high quality payment receipts for your business, you should try a payment receipt template for this purpose.

A detailed and well written payment receipts will show all necessary details about a sales transaction like name of the supplier or seller, name of the customer, date of transaction, types of goods sold, quantity, price per unit, total price, tax amount if any, discount and amount of payment made by the customer etc. Payment receipts can be different in formats and contents that a user can use for variety of objectives. Most of companies use manual receipt booklet to generate receipts but it is an old manner to do so. Nowadays there are several techniques are accessible on web to generate payment receipts accurately. Use of payment receipt is an inexpensive way to prepare payment receipts in short span of time for any kid of business. You can open a payment receipt template in relevant software to amend according to your wants.

 payment receipt template


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