Lease Contract Template

Modify this lease contract template according to your desires after downloading to your computer. An arrangement in which a property owner, real estate agent or landlord permits someone else to use the property for a precise time period in return of rent (agreed by both) under some conditions is identified as lease and a lease contract is a legal document to make obvious all details related to the transaction. Lease contract does not provide ownership rights to the lessee however the landlord or property owner may grant certain allowances to modify or change the appearance or look of the property to make fit to needs. As it mentioned above that lease contract is a legal document, it provides protection to both involved parties in legal sense to minimize misunderstandings and confusions in future. Components of a lease contract can be name and details of parties, property type, length of lease, amount of lease, payment methods along with terms and conditions about lease. It may also include that what an overwhelmed party will get from other party in case of any violation. This Lease Contract Template will be helpful.

Lease contract is an important document to record a lease deal between parties and mostly written by lawyers and other legal representatives to prepare according to law and standards. A lease contract represent meeting of minds towards a lease transaction that is the reason one should include all possible and required details in a lease contract to clarify all terms and conditions. If you wish to write a lease contract personally in order to note down a lease agreement, use of a lease contract template will be best option for you to accomplish with best. Lease contract template enables you to add complete details about the transaction in an organized manner without missing any single one. So obtain a well made lease contract template here and start writing of lease contract easily.

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School Report template

Use of a school report template should be your first step to create a high quality school report. Documents usually prepared and delivered by teachers to parents are known as school reports. Purpose of school reports is to aware parents about their children’s academic proficiencies and achievements. These documents also reveal information about a student’s performance in studies and other extracurricular activities. It is a good measurement tool for parents to know that how their children are doing in school. School reports not only shows plus point of a student but also provide information about student’s negative points he may need to work on them in order to become a brilliant student. A school report may include name of the student, class name, list of subjects, grade details, academic and other achievements etc. in simple words a school report is record of a student’s activities and performance in school. This School Report template is very useful.

School reports help parents a lot to take important decisions and steps to change the behavior of student if required. These are prepared by teachers or school management for each and individual student of the school. Making of school reports manually is an old method but lots of schools are still using this. Numerous schools use their standard formats to prepare school reports. Microsoft excel is a powerful computer program with great features that allows you to make a perfect school report without facing troubles. School report template is something very useful for anyone even for unfamiliar person to create exhaustive school reports in user friendly environment. Large number of websites and online store deals with online school report templates and samples and one can get a suitable school report template from there as per requirements. Try to use this following school report template to reduce your efforts while writing a good school repot.

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Grocery List Template

You can customize this grocery list template to have a beneficial grocery list for your personal use. Grocery is one word that covers lots of household items and supplies like foodstuff, edible commodities and other appliances to manage household affairs efficiently. Grocery list is a document stating that what you have in your house and what kind of supplies you needs to shop from market. Grocery list not only help you to manage your household supplies and other things effectively but also assist you to shop exact things missing from your pantry or kitchen that is why many organizational experts recommend making of grocery lists to bring all things you want to buy in single visit of market. It is a brilliant document that makes you an organized buyer to purchase all products or supplies without missing a single one. Use a grocery list template and construct an organized grocery list shortly.

A detailed grocery list keeps you away from unnecessary shopping and through this way you can save your precious time and money as well. In fact no one can deny the significance of a grocery list. Never ending computer software and mobile applications are obtainable in these days that a user can utilize to prepare grocery list without spending extra amount of time and money. A cost effective way to produce a grocery list at home is use of a grocery list template. Blogs after blogs on web are offering to download and customize their grocery list templates for free of cost. Large number of websites is equipped with online grocery list templates which mean one can design a grocery list online by using a personal computer and internet connection. Try to use this elegantly designed grocery list template which is given below the post, you can insert new details in it easily after necessary editing.

grocery list template



Service Agreement template

Download this service agreement template free of cost from here to draft a service agreement conveniently. Service agreement is a famous type of legal agreements and it can be prepared between two or more individuals, companies and businesses with some specific terms and conditions to carry out a particular job or something else in return of a valuable consideration like particular sum of money. A common example of service agreement is undertaking of employment signed by employer and the employee detailing terms and conditions about the service or services employee will provide to the company or provider to get paid in time. In some circumstances a service agreement can be an integral element of a sales transaction to offer a feature along with warranty of a product to provide free of cost service for the product within particular period of time. Service agreements are common for products offered by a company for its consumers like electronics items, cars and other home appliances etc. You will find this Service Agreement template useful.

Service agreements are different is types that can be used for variety of purposes in various fields of life. These legal documents can also be prepared by professionals to provide different kind of services to their clients and customers. For example a web programmer or developer may prepare this agreement with his customer to provide service in order to develop a website or software for the client in return of payment. In short words there are several uses of service agreements in everyday life. Well prepared service agreement reveals rights and obligations of each party involved in the agreement. If there is also need to prepare a service agreement, one should get help from service agreement template to save precious moments while making an effective service agreement. Try to use following service agreement template which is produced by our professionals and is completely free.

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Purchase Contract Template

It is a golden chance for you to download and use this easily editable purchase contract template below the content. Several types of contracts we make and sign daily to carry out different works and one of them is purchase contract. Purchase contract can be described as a legal document that shows final understanding of a purchaser to purchase mentioned sort of goods or products on agreed price under some specified terms and conditions from seller and seller also agree to do so in the same sense. For example if you find a house as desired and you are going to purchase, purchase contract is something that will protect your rights and will help a lot to finalize the deal in professional manner to make legal. It is a legal document that allows you to note down useful details and information about a purchase transaction like name of involved parties, type of goods, products or property, agreed price, transfer of ownership date, payment terms and other conditions etc. Purchase contract is a must document to confirm the sale of property or other sorts of assets. This Purchase Contract Template will be really helpful.

If there is a well written purchase contract available, it will be very easy to clarify arguments and disputes among parties if any in future. Making of a purchase contract is not to increase your worries and efforts but best thing to care for your rights and can be served as written evidence in court of law to prove that you are not wrong. A well written purchase contract should include all details and information relevant to the transaction and should be clear and in easy to understand manner to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings as well. Use a purchase contract template if you want to minimize your efforts to design a good purchase contract. Get a polished purchase contract template here for free.

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Contact List Template

We offer you to download a free contact list template here that you can customize later according to your needs. We can describe a contact list as an important personal or business document with names and other contact details of different peoples we want to connect with them for a variety of objectives. Contact lists are important and help us a lot when we need to stay in touch with various peoples like friends, family members, employees, customers and many other individuals for business or personal use. In this fast and busy life it seems an impossible task to remember contact details of each and every person with whom we want to connect either for business or personal reasons that is why contact lists plays vital role in everyone’s life to have contact details on hand. A polishes contact list template can make a user able to manufacture a comprehensive contact list with complete amount of contact details.

A contact list should be included names of persons, mailing address, mobile phone numbers, office contact numbers, e-mail IDs and other contact details etc. Most of companies and businesses use contact lists to send informative emails, newsletters and other updates about the business or company easily. If you are going to make a contact list, you can give it a professional appearance by using below mentioned contact list template which is totally free to download and easily editable after successful downloading to the computer. Majority of websites and blogs on web also provide contact list templates but many of them are paid mean you have to pay something there to get your favorite template. Once our provided contact list is downloaded, it will enable you to make necessary modification and changes in it. Use this contact list template and save your lots of minutes.

contact list template



Daily Progress Report template

Download a beautifully designed daily progress report template here. Keeping track of progress towards a job or project is an essential element of business management and daily progress report is a useful document prepared by an individual, organization or company to do so. It is just like a measurement tool normally prepared at the end of each working day to weigh up the progress of a person, company or particular department. If you want to communicate with your employer or company about what you accomplish each day during working hours, nothing but a detailed daily progress report can work very well for you. It is an excellent tool used by business managements and project managers to keep track of employee performance on regular basis. Daily progress reports can be prepared by different business units, departments and other persons for various objectives. You will find this Daily Progress Report template useful.

Daily progress report is sometime submitted by sales persons to a sales manager or any other higher authority to portray an overview about sales progress in a day. Preparation of daily progress report is a super fine way to increase productivity in workplace. If it is your duty to prepare a daily progress report regularly to indicate your work performance, it is best for you to have a proper format to compose a right report easily. Daily progress report template is a document designed by skilled person to highlight indispensable elements of a daily progress report as well as gives a complete guidance to complete a report effortlessly. Reports with professional appearance and accurate details create a good impression on readers that is why it is recommended to use proper daily progress report template to get better results. There is a chance for you to download and modify a daily progress report template which is totally free and editable in MS word.

Download Daily Progress Report template:




Inventory List Template

Are you looking something useful to prepare an inventory list? Stop searching more because a best inventory list template is available here for you. Total sum of a company’s products, raw materials, finished and unfinished products which have not yet been sold by the company or business can be defined as inventory. Companies on large and small scales use inventory management systems to manage and supervise their inventories and they also prepare inventory lists to keep accurate record of inventory owned. Inventory list is just like a basic step towards inventory management. Whether you are running a small business or a company on large scale, management of inventory should be your main concern and it is not possible without making of inventory lists. An individual person or a company can use different useful ways to prepare inventory lists but use of inventory list template is popular one.

As a professional businessman you have to prepare inventory list carefully so that you can monitor the products or goods you or your business have available for sale in best manner. Duty of an inventory manager is to let higher authorities and owner of business know about accurate status of inventory of the business or company and he cannot carry out his job well without a well managed inventory list. Inventory list can help accountants and other concerned departments to calculate various factors of the business like cost of goods, total sales made by the company, price per unit and other significant information related to accounts etc. There is wide variety of computer programs available that allow a user to produce inventory lists and Microsoft excel can be your favorite due to its great features. You can also use and edit an inventory list template in Microsoft excel to generate productive inventory list for your business in short period of time.

Inventory list template image


Purchase Agreement template

You can download Purchase Agreement template here. We hope this purchase agreement will help you a lot to prepare a purchase agreement for yourself. Purchase agreement can be identified as a legal document stating a final understanding of two parties where one party agrees to purchase something from another party by paying something of value or specified sum of money. It is also known as a legal document that spells out all terms and conditions in details concerned with a purchase transaction. Purpose of this document is to record useful details about a transaction like name of parties, their contact details, nature of goods or property involved, final price, payment terms and other relevant conditions etc. It builds a legally binding contract between a seller and purchaser. A purchase agreement can cover any kind of purchase transaction and there are must to prepare for bulk purchases and for purchase of property etc. Generally purchase agreements are much more complicated than a simple purchase invoice and lots of care is needed to prepare a best one. This Purchase Agreement template is available here.

Whether you are purchasing a bike or a home, it will good for you to enter into a purchase agreement to make you deal or transaction legal in eyes of law that can be enforceable by law in future when needed. Business agreements are prepared by individual persons, companies, business organizations and other entities to record various purchase transactions. As it is mentioned above that a purchase agreement is little bit complex than an invoice, it may take your few more minutes to get completed. If it is your duty to prepare a purchase agreement, you will want to get help to do so as an unfamiliar and nothing but a well designed purchase agreement template will guide you in a best way to compose an error free purchase agreement. Try to use this below mentioned purchase agreement template it is totally free.

Download Purchase Agreement template:



Loan Contract Template

Download free loan contract template and start making of a perfect loan contract in friendly environment. When lender grants someone else a specified sum of money for a defined period of time with the expectations of being paid back on time may be with some interest money, this situation can be defined as a loan. People get loan to fulfill their financial needs either for business or personal use. It is matter of money that is why it is best to record the transaction in writing in shape of a loan contract. A legal document that points out comprehensive details of a loan transaction along with all terms and conditions is known as loan contract. It is a best and professional tool to demonstrate all the terms and conditions of a loan under which a lender provides a sum of money as loan to borrower that borrower can consume to execute personal or business financial needs. People get loans from banks and other financial institutes to build homes, buildings or to buy cars and other things of use. You will like this Loan Contract Template.

It is advised by professionals to make clear all details and conditions a loan just like loan amount, interest rate, duration of loan, payment method and other details about both parties before letting a loan to any other person. As we all know that giving a loan to another party is sensitive matter that’s why it is a good idea to prepare a loan contract in order to make the transaction legal in eyes of law. Writing of a loan contract will be a difficult task for you if it is your first attempt but don’t worry about that because you can get assistance from several useful tools available on internet to do so just like loan contract template. A loan contract template is a ready to use document that not only allow a user to modify fit to needs but also provide legal information to make a loan contract just right.

Download Loan Contract Template:


Insurance Coverage Report template

You are welcome to download and edit this insurance coverage report template without any charges or fee. Insurance is a promise by the company to pay complete or partial compensation for loses or damages caused by an unexpected incidence or event uncontrollable by the insured party in return of periodic payments made by the insured party or person. In the same sense insurance coverage report is a document prepared by an employee of insurance company to collect details about an incident or happening to evaluate the accurate amount of compensation that company will pay to the affected party. There reports are generally prepared by insurance evaluators or by other professionals appointed by the company to carry out this job. They visit the site of the incident to take notice of the happening of the event to make sure that the incident has happened naturally and insured party deserves of financial compensation. This Insurance Coverage Report template is helpful.

Element of an insurance coverage report can be name of insured party, insurance policy number or code, duration of insurance policy, periodic payments made by the party, date of the incident, estimate of damage suffered, total insurance premium, outstanding premium installments and calculated amount for compensation etc. insurance coverage report is considered as a primary step towards an insurance claim and it should be prepared carefully with full attention and accurate details. A lot of insurance companies use insurance coverage report form to format an insurance coverage report based on true figures. Hence an elegant insurance coverage report template is added below the post for your ease. Best thing about this insurance coverage report template is that it is easily customizable in MS word software. It enables a user to make necessary alterations and modifications to personalize as per requirements. Don’t search here and there download a super fine insurance coverage report template here for free.

Download Insurance Coverage Report template:



Reference List Template

Reference list template will definitely help you a lot to produce different kinds of reference lists either for business or personal use. There are different meanings of references that can be used in different phases of life. According to authentic recourses a reference can be defined as a relationship of one linguistic expression to another in which one provides necessary amount of information to understand another one. In employment, employers use references to have an accurate idea about an applicant’s abilities, expertise and qualifications for a particular position. On another hand references also used by a writer to indicate content or materials that might be used or referred to in particular document, at the end of an academic writing, business document or any other publication etc. in the same sense presentation of more than one references can be recognized as a reference list and you can design one by using a reference list template.

Reference lists can be different in types and mentioned contents in them and different peoples use these lists of variety of purposes in business and personal lives. Reference list sometimes recognized as list of references. Large number or project managers use reference list to educate a potential customer or client about efficiencies of a project to get it accepted or funded. Some people like to prepare a reference list manually by hand but a super fine way to produce a perfect reference list is use of an elegant reference list template. It is a ready to use document designed by professionals to assist users with sufficient instructions and guidance to make a reference list in professional format. Internet is a famous place to look up for suitable reference list template but you can also get a free template over here.




Separation Agreement template

Try to use this separation agreement template to compose a separation agreement in short span of time. Separation agreement is a legal agreement entered into between a husband and wife who decide to live unconnectedly for an unspecified period of time before actually getting divorced. Purpose behind preparation of separation agreement is to clear up any property, asset, debt, alimony, child custody, insurance, child support and many other likely issues. It may also include unique issues and matter like who will care for the family pet, what religion children will follow and who will pay the bills etc. If you and your spouse are considering a divorce and don’t want to live together anymore, making of a separation agreement is best option for you to take it as a trial divorce. A separation agreement also known as out of court settlement and this is valid agreement if the agreement is drafted and signed by both parties after clear understanding. Find this Separation Agreement template here.

A separation agreement briefly describes rights and obligations of involved parties during the separation as well as provides details for the division and distribution of properties and assets. Rules and regulations for making of separation agreements are different in various countries and states. Writing of a separation agreement is not an easy task because you need to prepare it carefully as an important personal document. You can get help from a lawyer or by a legal representative to draft an agreement attentively. One can write a separation agreement at home by using a word processing program on personal computer. Thankfully internet is a perfect platform to obtain help and guidance in this regard. You can also find separation agreement template from internet to your computer. Separation agreement template is a handful document designed by experts to make writing of a separation agreement very easy for users.

 Download Separation Agreement template:



Tenancy Contract Template

A well designed tenancy contract template is available here underneath the post that can be downloaded without any charges. In everyday life we all make deals and transaction on daily basis to perform various actions and it is best to note down them in writing to save as an evidence to settle disputes in future. Similarly the landlord or owner of the property and renter need to prepare a sign a legal document named tenancy contracts which sets out the basic terms and conditions of tenancy that the landlord and tenant must agree before a tenant moves in the rental property of land. Tenancy contracts are frequently put in place by property owners and real estate agents before letting out any kind of property like house, building, office, apartment, room or premises etc hence commercial tenancy contracts can be different in content and terms from normal tenancy contracts. Tenancy contracts can be oral or written but with an oral tenancy contract you will have nothing to show as a written evidence of the deal to resolve issues between parties. You can download Tenancy Contract Template below.

Tenancy contract is a legal document that can be enforceable by law to clear up future disputes and misunderstandings to secure rights and obligations of both parties. It helps much both parties in fighting for their rights when enforceable in court of law. It may include name of both parties, length of tenancy, repair responsibilities, advance deposit if any, amount of rent, payment methods and other relevant conditions etc. Hence wide choice of tenancy contract templates are available on internet that one can edit as per needs to produce an error free and legal tenancy contract in few minutes. Use of a tenancy contract template allows you to add your own details and information by simply editing of the template in easy to use approach.

Download Tenancy Contract Template:


Assessment Report template

You are here at best place to download a free assessment report template to save your time while writing an assessment report. A document prepared by individuals, professionals and other experts to identify qualities, abilities and areas of improvement of a person, company, business or any other thing is known as assessment report. Assessment reports are different in types according to their objectives and used in extensive fields of life.  For example in academic institutes and organizations, assessment reports play an important role to demonstrate useful information about a student like what kind of knowledge a student have, what he can do well as well as recommendations for improvements for future if required any. Health assessment report, personal assessment report, business assessment report, product assessment report and work assessment report are some major and common types of assessment reports. Most of businesses and companies are mostly depended on assessment reports to take important business decisions and steps. You will like this Assessment Report template.

An assignment report may consist of title and objective of the assessment, data used to conduct the assessment, methodology, obtained results and other important details. As an assessment report writer you should add recommendations and suggestions for improvements to make things better than before. An assessment report should be based on facts and in an easily understandable format. As a fresher you may face bit confusion and troubles to prepare a successful assessment report as it is part of technical writing.  Wide range of assessment report templates is accessible on internet that anyone can use to get assistance while writing an assessment report. Assessment report template is a document equipped with necessary fields that aid a user to insert personal details and information easily. An elegantly generated assessment report template is waiting here for you, so download for free and start writing of error free assessment reports.

Download Assessment Report template:



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